CIIX: Expanded Footprint Enables Greater Interaction With Target Market

August08, 2015

Chinese Investors (CIIX) opened two new U.S. offices earlier this year to extend its coverage and reporting on U.S. securities. The company opened a new office located on Wall Street in the New York City financial district and one in the important Los Angeles market. These offices enable CIIX to interact with companies it covers and with its target market more easily. For example, earlier this month, the company launched a seminar series, Smart Money, from its Los Angeles office and invited people to attend the live event, while it simultaneously aired a radio broadcast and webcast on

In addition to its geographic expansion, the company has also expanded its service to new platforms. has successfully launched a mobile App and management has indicated that it is achieving strong traction. According to, its website averages more than 50 million visits each month, with mobile users accounting for roughly 30% of the traffic.

CIIX also leverages other streaming media including Phoenix TV, which according to management is the largest Chinese TV station operating abroad. Established in 1996, Phoenix TV has more than 200,000 paid subscribers in the U.S. and Canada. In addition, CIIX also advertises its services through radio and print publications that target Chinese audiences. The company’s live radio broadcast of its Smart Money series airs on local radio station KAZN AM 1300, a channel that programs in Chinese to serve the local Chinese speaking community.

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